• Oolong Tea, What's all the Fuss?

    ‘If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are heated it will cool you; if you are depressed it will cheer you; if you’re excited it will calm you’.

                                        - William Gladstone, a prime minister during Queen Victoria’s reign.


    Recent years have seen considerable interest in tea’s therapeutic properties, which is one of the factors leading to an increase in tea consumption. Modern scientific research in both east and west has found that regular tea drinking can lower blood fats and prevent cholesterol accumulation. Tea drinking is also said to help with weight loss, prevent tooth decay and gum disease and help to stimulate the kidneys and other internal organs. Some studies suggest it protects against certain cancers as the antioxidants in tea ‘soak up’ free radicals. The health benefits of tea are the basis for continuing research.


    Oolong Tea, What's all the Fuss?


    One such tea growing in popularity due to its health benefits is the Oolong varieties. Semi fermented teas are called Oolong , meaning ‘Black Dragon’ in Chinese. Exactly when the process for making oolong tea was discovered is unknown. According to one theory it was first invented in the Wuji mountains of Fujian Province in the 16th century, where oolong teas are still renowned, however, since the mid 1880’s Taiwan (formerly Formosa) has produced some of the worlds finest oolongs. Oolong teas can be made from young leaves or larger mature leaves which are semi-fermented, that is, the fermentation process is arrested early, producing a tea that combines the sweet scent of green tea with a delicate aroma of black tea. Oolong contains a very high polyphenol content, an antioxidant which fights free radicals. Oolong is also very popular in weight loss programs. Read more about Oolong’s fat burning capabilities here.

    If you don't care for Oolong's health benefits than drink it for its taste...It's certainly my pick of the bunch!

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