• Tea Tips & Tricks: Making Tea

    The perfect cup of tea

    There are lots of theories about making a perfect cup of tea, heating pots, adding milk before or after, taking the pot to the kettle etc etc. There has even been a scientific formula recently developed that supposedly outlines the precise technique for making tea. However, if like most of us you have a busy life you need a simple, fool proof method that works. There is nothing difficult about making a good cup of tea and if you follow a couple of basic steps, you'll enjoy a great cup of tea every time.

    How to make tea

    Water is perhaps the most important ingredient to a good cup of tea. Once boiled, water loses oxygen and tastes 'stale'. So make sure you use fresh water each time you boil the kettle, and if you can use filtered water.

    When making black tea, herbal and fruit infusions you need the water to be at a rolling boil. For white and green tea the water needs to be under a boil. Ideally you should watch the kettle until gentle steam starts to rise and you have perfectly heated water. Realistically though you're not going to do that every time you're dying for a cup of tea! So, boil the kettle as normal, but before pouring it on the leaves let it sit for a couple of minutes. Not the perfect situation, but certainly very close!

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