• Teas for Winter # 1: Chai

    Brrhhh...winter has arrived! It's time to bring out those sheep skin boots, woolie jumpers and of course your favourite tea to warm the bones!

    Chai: The Perfect Tea for Winter

    Originating from India some 5000 years ago, chai was created as a healing beverage and used in traditional 'ayurveda' alternative medicine. Chai is a fantastic winter warmer containing spices like ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Traditionally a black tea base, chai now has many modern green tea and herbal varieties. 

    Making Chai

    But what is the best way to make chai? Traditionally in India, chai is brewed on milk in a saucepan, the leaves are strained and then honey is added to taste and is served by a Chai Wallah (person who makes tea). Watch a Chai Wallah in action here to see just how it's done!


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