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  • Teas of India

    Black tea is by far the most popular tea on the market including English Breakfast, Ceylon and the amazing flavoured black teas which are now widely available. One things for sure, India has black tea production down to a 'tea', producing some of the finest varieties on the market.   Time for Chai...   Tea is said to have been growing wild in India since the 1500's, and it wasn't until the 1830's that commercial production of tea (or Chai as it is called in Hindi) began. India has three distinct tea growing regions, producing teas that differ in style, taste and flavour. Assam is the largest...

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  • It's Christmas....let's drink tea!

    Christmas is upon us, which means lots of entertaining, eating copious amounts of amazing food, and drinking thirst quenching beverages to cool down in the summer heat. We just love to entertain our guests with some iced tea....think lazing in a hammock, sipping on an ice cold 'Pina Colada' tea...amazing! We have the perfect iced tea recipe to whip up on Christmas Day, and I can assure you that it will be fav with all.  Amazing Apple Iced Tea Recipe This is so simple to make and can be done on Christmas Day, or made in batches the night before...

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  • Teas for Winter #3 - Chocolate Treasure

    Being the chocolate lover I am, one of my favourite teas to warm me up through the cold months is 'Chocolate Treasure' tea. This tasty black tea bursting with chocolaty flavour is definately for the chocoholics out there. Chocolate Treasure - why so tasty? Chocolate Treasure is a perfect blend of fine black tea, and real chocolate pieces (not chocolate flavour), giving it a rich and delicious chocolate taste. If you are like me and love a hot chocolate, but don't want the guilty feeling that comes with such a sugar filled drink, this tea offers a great, lighter alternative to...

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