Does Green Tea Contain Caffeine?

Both black and green teas are produced from the same leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. The caffeine occurs naturally in the plant and as a result both black and green tea contain caffeine.

How Many Cups of Tea Can I Drink a Day?

Most research seems to indicate that it is safe to have about 300mg of caffeine a day. As a result you can safely drink five cups of tea a day to fall within this limit.

Can I Put Milk in Flavoured Tea?

You should drink your tea however your prefer to drink it. However, there are some flavoured teas that are better without. Creamy and vanillary flavoured teas go well with milk, while fruity ones tend to be best without.

My Tea is Very Bitter, What am I Doing Wrong?

Tea can go bitter if it is left to steep too long. Each of our packets includes details for the recommended steeping time. If you prefer you tea stronger add more tea but still steep it for the recommended time. Alternatively, if you prefer your tea weaker, reduce the amount of tea you use, but still leave it to brew for the recommended time.